Covid-19 Screening

Identify and care for people infected with Covid-19 without exposing your staff

Your ED can't operate without the staff. Don't expose them to Covid-19

Doctors and Nurses ought to be able to do their jobs without catching a life-threatening virus.

InDoc understands that exposures to Covid-19 can result in staff illness and quarantines, which can be crippling to Emergency Departments.

It’s time to help our heroes

Introducing InDoc’s Covid-19 Screening Solution

InDoc helps minimize Covid-19 risk by giving EDs immediate access to a pool of board-certified Emergency Physicians. These remote physicians can be deployed anywhere inside or outside of the hospital.

Remote Physicians = No PPE Costs

Boost Provider and Patient Satisfaction

Board-Certified US-Based Physicians

Evaluate Patients More Quickly and Safely

Covid-19 Screening

We've got you covered

✓ Build Automated Screening Algorithms

✓ Standardize Screening Across All Providers

✓ Reduce Resource Utilization

✓ Reduce Staff Risk

✓ Efficient Surge Management

Proven ROI for Your Health System

Easy integration with your protocols and standards


The number of health care workers at a single institution quarantined after a single exposure.


InDoc physicians are 1.5X as efficient as office-based physicians due to lack of distraction.


The typical cost of replacing just one physician.

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