Why use InDoc for remote screening?

  • Patient safety.  As with TeleTriage, patients are evaluated upon arrival to the hospital.
  • Staff safety.  Since patients are screened remotely, there is less exposure of the staff to undifferentiated patients who may be contagious.
  • Resource utilization.  Remote physicians do not require personal protective equipment.
  • Flexibility.  Remote physicians can be deployed anywhere inside or outside of the hospital. They can also staff multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Surge Capacity.  Patient volumes are unpredictable even during normal times.  Our physicians are available when and where they are needed, and can help minimize the effects of extreme crowding.
  • Reliable staffing.  It is expected that many healthcare providers will fall ill or require quarantine, which causes considerable strain on the remaining staff.  InDoc helps minimize this risk by giving EDs immediate access to a pool of board-certified Emergency Physicians.
  • Physician opportunities.  Unfortunately, some Emergency Physicians will be quarantined during the outbreak.  This could result in financial hardship for many.  By working with InDoc, healthy but quarantined physicians can work remotely.