InDoc and EmOpti Partner to Provide Emergency Departments with Flexible Turnkey Telehealth Solution as COVID-19 Surge Continues

Two industry leaders join forces in providing affordable ED staffing with best-in-class telehealth technology – a system turned on only IF and WHEN needed.

DALLAS, Texas – (July 23, 2020) InDoc, a clinical telehealth ED staffing company created to improve the emergency department (ED) experience, today announced they are partnering with EmOpti, a pioneer in TeleTriage technology. This partnership provides emergency departments with an affordable, turnkey solution to combat the continued surge of COVID-19 and the impending seasonal flu. Combining award-winning telehealth technology with Emergency Medicine trained physicians relieves the operational burden that hospital administrators encounter when implementing an emergency department telehealth program. Unlike the few alternative options, InDoc and EmOpti can be set up and ready to go with only minimal upfront costs. Additional costs are incurred only when utilized, as the need arises.

Since the pandemic began in the United States, hospitals and EDs have been forced to navigate through unpredictable volumes and financial uncertainty while also ensuring the safety of both patients and frontline staff. The combination of InDoc’s US-based Emergency Physicians and EmOpti’s superior technology can be procured at a fraction of the time and cost that would normally be required to hire and train additional physicians to implement an emergency department telehealth program. Since hospitals pay only if and when services are needed, they are better prepared for unpredictable surges but obviated from incurring unnecessary costs during a time when they must carefully budget expenses with patients’ needs.

“EmOpti and InDoc were both created by ED physicians for ED physicians,” said InDoc CEO, Erin Christianson, Ph.D. “We have first-hand knowledge of the immense pressure physicians and administrators are dealing with right now. Our goal is to provide those on the front lines with a turnkey solution that’s affordable, flexible, and easy to implement as volume and acuity fluctuate in ways we’ve never experienced before. With minimal upfront costs, there is not a downside for any of the stakeholders.”

Leveraging the InDoc and EmOpti partnership, hospitals increase revenue by reducing the number of patients who leave without being seen. Additionally, ED efficiency is improved, resulting in marked improvements in key metrics such as door-to-doctor times, patient satisfaction scores, and length of stay. Several Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR) measures are positively impacted. This technology results in fewer in-person encounters, decreasing the need for PPE while increasing staff safety.

“EmOpti was purpose-built, specifically for the needs of high-volume, high-pressure emergency departments regardless of the size of the hospital,” said CEO of EmOpti, Edward Barthell, MD. “Now, more than ever, it is difficult to manage capacity and load balance in one hospital, let alone across multiple locations. The time and financial investment in this TeleTriage package are negligible compared to the increase in revenue systems gain through patient satisfaction metrics. With flu season around the corner, we anticipate the demand for an easy, scalable, and affordable solution will only escalate.”

InDoc Emergency Physicians are trained, prepared, and available in nearly every state to support one or multiple hospitals within a health system or hospital cooperative. A single InDoc physician can be available to evaluate patients in multiple locations simultaneously, whether it is multiple EDs in the health system, COVID tents, or off-site Urgent Cares. In the setting of COVID-19 screening, InDoc’s digital front-line solution reduces the downstream risk to other healthcare providers and reduces PPE utilization. Additionally, new guidelines set forth by CMS now allow hospitals to conduct EMTALA-mandated medical screening exams (MSEs) via telehealth, when appropriate. This allows InDoc physicians, in some cases, to virtually conduct the entire emergency department visit, which serves to magnify the benefits attained.

Already used in hospitals across the country, hundreds of thousands of remote patient consults have been conducted using the EmOpti platform, reducing wait times, and improving emergency department efficiency.

EmOpti integrates easily and securely with most electronic health records. This enables multiple physicians at multiple teletriage sites, located safely away from infected patients, to quickly gather key medical information, consult with patients via video, and implement the next steps of care, such as testing, treatment, specialist consults, or rapid discharge. Moreover, EDs can utilize this system for remote teaching during patient discharge, which further reduces the risk of exposure to on-site staff.

About InDoc

InDoc is an emerging clinical telehealth company created by Emergency Physicians to improve the ED experience. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, InDoc provides scalable healthcare solutions for decreasing inefficiencies and augmenting ED staff. The company’s large network of experienced Emergency Physicians is available throughout the country providing TeleTriage services, a novel solution designed to operate alongside and complement existing emergency medical groups from a remote location. More information can be obtained here.

About EmOpti

EmOpti provides telehealth solutions with workflow automation designed for hospitals to keep patients and providers safe while accelerating patient flow, increasing revenue, and reducing costs – all by improving productivity and facility capacity.

EmOpti’s technology is proven to support high volume, complex, multi-facility deployments with high reliability. For more information on EmOpti, click here.

To discover how this partnership can positively affect your Emergency Department’s bottom line, get in touch here.