Patient Virtual Consultations

Proactive, preventive care for patients. Improved flexible work-life balance for physicians.

Improve Our Current Healthcare Work Culture

Work remotely and set your own hours of availability. Schedule flexibility might seem like a foreign concept to physicians racing through long clinic shifts. Virtual consultations provide the flexibility to see as many or as few patients as you want, take breaks as needed and spend as much time as needed with each patient.

Proactive Patient Care is Preventative Medicine

Virtual consultations can improve patients’ healthspan as physicians guide and work with patients on their healthcare journey. Virtual care places more responsibility on the patient to prepare for their visit, examine themselves and understand their own health data points. Providers can better educate patients about preventative care to improve health, wellness, and longevity.

Revamp the current healthcare system

InDoc’s Virtual Consultation Solution

InDoc’s Virtual Consultation solution provides patients with nearly on-demand preventative care, empowering their personal healthcare journey. Physicians can improve their work-life balance by seeing patients at times that are convenient while providing focused, high-quality care to each individual patient.

Guide patients through their healthcare journey

Identify conditions earlier & implement treatment plans

Deliver quality care to underserved populations

Improve work-life balance, job satisfaction & care

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