Virtual Inbox Service

Optimize productivity for your physicians

Physicians want to focus on patient care, not emails

78% of physicians have experienced burnout. This is a national epidemic affecting healthcare.

Physicians spend approximately 55% of their time doing medical records. With so much on their plate, these distractions hurt performance and morale, while patient care suffers.

It’s time to help our heroes

Introducing InDoc’s Virtual Inbox Solution

Our team handles a wide range of administrative tasks, freeing your physicians to focus on patients. This eases their workload, making doctors happier and boosting clinical metrics.

Less Distractions, Higher Performance

Boost Provider and Patient Satisfaction

Board-Certified US-Based Physicians

More Efficient = Better ROI

Inbox Management

We've got you covered

✓ DME Requests

✓ Prescription Requests

✓ Lab Results

✓ Work Notes & Letters

✓ Radiology Results

✓ Patient Emails

✓ Staff Communications

✓ Preventative Health Care

Proven ROI for Your Health System

Easy integration with your protocols and standards


One InDoc physician can cover up to 13 physicians.


InDoc physicians are 1.5X as efficient as office-based physicians due to lack of distraction.


Virtual Inbox returns about 240 hours per year to each physician.

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