Relieve the burden of inbox workload

The national epidemic of physician burnout is real. Recent physician surveys and peer-reviewed studies report that up to 78% of physicians have experienced some degree of burnout. InDoc addresses this problem by providing services to physicians to ease their workload, improve patient care and promote a healthy work-life balance.  Our team can handle a wide range of administrative tasks, freeing your physicians to see patients with fewer distractions.

InDoc's Virtual Inbox Coverage Will:
  • Directly address the high rate of physician job dissatisfaction
  • Provide board-certified, US-based Family Physicians and Internists who are licensed in your state
  • Combine evidence-based medical practice, accepted standards of care and your clinic’s own protocols to handle the inbox workflow
Overflowing inboxes? We can cover for:
  • Out of office physicians
  • Unfilled positions
  • Physicians providing patient care or tending to other tasks
Our physicians can address the following:
  • Respond to patient emails
  • Fill online, non-controlled prescription requests
  • Interpret and respond to laboratory and radiology results.
  • Coordinate patient care with other members of the medical team
  • Address upcoming or overdue preventative healthcare
  • Countless other tasks