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InDoc was founded in 2018 by a group of practicing Emergency Physicians who understand that gaps in workflow cause inefficiencies in healthcare delivery and ultimately, poor outcomes. We use novel telehealth solutions to address some of the most pressing problems in medicine such as poor emergency department metrics and physician burnout.  We combined our knowledge of current technology, best practices and evidence-based medicine to develop practical and scalable solutions that can be quickly implemented. Our goals are to increase patient safety, improve the patient experience, advance equity in healthcare and promote a healthy work-life balance for our physician colleagues.


Midwest Urgent Care Center


"Our APPs didn't have the expertise to treat complex patients, resulting in unnecessary transfers and wasted money. With InDoc our UCC is much more efficient."

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  • Prevent unnecessary ED transfers
  • Provide physician consults 24/7
  • Improve care quality and cost
  • Boost revenue for your UCC

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